Sunday, September 15, 2019

Week of September 16-20, 2019


9/16 Monday  Day 7 Music

*Reading-Practice fluency passage

*Social Studies Quiz on communitites tomorrow

9/17 Tuesday Day 8 Gym

*Reading- Practice fluency passage
*Spelling- study list 2 words
*Math- complete worksheet

9/18 Wednesday 1 Computers

*Reading- Study new vocab words for Astronauts in Space
*Spelling- study list 2(long vowels)
*Math- complete worksheet
Scholastic Book club order due tomorrow.

9/19 Thursday Day 2 Art

*Reading- Study vocab words
Grammar- Test on complete sentences tomorrow. Use review sheet in Safari Folder to help study.
*Scholastic book club order due today.

9/20 Friday Day 3 Music

$1.00 Spartan dress down day today
*No Homework
*Have a terrific weekeend!

Tests this week
Tuesday -Social studies quiz on communities
Friday- Grammar test on complete sentences

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Week of Serptember 9-13, 2019

9/9 Monday Day 2 Art
Reading- study words for The Twin Club story (test on Thursday)
Spelling- study Spelling list 1 words test Friday

TOMORROW September 10th is PICTURE DAY bring your best smile! Don't forget to send in your picture envelope.

9/10 Tuesday Day 3 Music    PICTURE DAY 😁
Reading- read decodable reader 1A, return  decodable reader to school
Spelling- Study list 1 test Friday

9/11 Wednesday Day 4 Gym
Reading- study words for Twin Club - test tomorrow
Spelling- study list 1 test Friday
Math- complete worksheet

9/12 Thursday Day 5 Library
Reading- Read decodable reader 1C, return decodable reader to class
Spelling- write each word 2x each-test tomorrow
Math- complete worksheet

9/13 Friday Day 6 Art

No Homeowork
Have a terrific weekend!

Important Dates:
 September 10th is Picture Day. 
September 19th Scholastic Book Club orders are due.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Week of September 2-6, 2019

9/2/19  Monday No School

9/3/19 Tuesday Day 6 Art
No Homework

9/4/19 Wednesday Day 7 Music
Your child will be coming home with their first Reading vocabulary and Spelling word list. Please keep it in the Jungle folder to study next week.
 * Gym tomorrow don't forget to wear sneakers.*

9/5/19 Thursday Day 8 Gym
No Homework

9/6/19 Friday Day 1 Computers
No Homework
Have a terrific weekend!

Friday, August 23, 2019

August 26-30, 2019


We are going to have a very exciting first week in 2nd grade. 
We will spend time getting to know each other and learn about classroom rules and procedures. 
Below will be daily information of our week at school. It will include any homework that needs to be completed, the rotation day and special, and any important papers that may be due. 

8/26 Monday Day 1 Computers
*Parents be sure to complete and send in school forms as soon as possible. They are due by Friday.

*As part of getting to know each other in class. Your child will be coming home with an "All About Me Bag." Instructions will be included on the bag and a due date when bring it in to share with the class.

*Don't forget to bring a daily snack*

8/27 Tuesday Day 2 Art
No homework tonight

8/28 Wednesday Day 3 Music
No homework tonight
Don't forget to wear sneakers for gym tomorrow.

8/29 Thursday Day 4 Gym
No homework tonight
All school forms are due tomorrow.

8/30 Friday Day 5 Library
No Homework
Have a wonderful weekend and Labor Day!

No school Monday, September 2nd.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Week of May 28-31

5/ 27  Monday  NO SCHOOL

5/28  Tuesday Day 5  Music
Spelling- study words- Months- Test Thursday - words must be capitalized in order to be correct

5/29  Wednesday Day 6 Art

Spelling- Months-test tomorrow

5/30  Thursday  Day 7 Computers
No Homework

Tomorrow is CARNIVAL DAY  
 *Students Must wear socks in order to go go on the inflatables.
 *Don't forget your lunch if you did not order a lunch from the cafeteria.
 *Bring a towel and sunscreen.

5/31   Friday Day 8  Gym
No Homework
Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week of May 20-24, 2019

5/20     Monday Day 10 Music
Reading- read for 10-15 minutes for enjoyment
Math- Test  geometry and fractions Friday

5/21      Tuesday Day 1 Art
Reading- read for 10-15 minutes enjoyment
Math- complete worksheet
Grammar- test on adjectives Friday

5/22       Wednesday Day 2 Computers
Math- complete worksheet
Spelling- study months of the year words

5/23       Thursday  Day 3 Gym

Math- test tomorrow - Please review the practice test done in class together
Grammar- test on adjectives tomorrow- go over the review worksheet done in class together

5/24       Friday Day 4 Library
No Homework
Enjoy your weekend!
Happy Memorial Day!                                           

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Week of May 13-17, 2019

5/ 13  Monday  Day 5 Music
Reading- study words for Froggy Fable- test Thursday
Spelling- Study list 16 words

**Family Night---Scholastic Book fair tonight from 4pm-7pm.

**Our classroom can shop at the book fair on Friday 5/17  

5/14  Tuesday  Day 6 Art
Reading- read decodable reader 16 A
Math- worksheet

5/15 Wednesday Day 7 Computers

Reading-Test tomorrow on words for Froggy Fable
Spelling- List 16 test tomorrow, write words 2x each

5/16 Thursday  Day 8 Gym

Reading- Read decodable reader 16 B
Math- worksheet
*Our class can shop tomorrow at the book fair.
**Paid dress down day tomorrow.
5/17  Friday  Day 9 Keyboarding----Book Fair
No homework.
Have a wonderful Weekend!