Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week of December 11-15, 2017


12/11  Monday  Day 9 Keyboarding
Reading- Put High Frequency words in complete sentences DUE WEDNESDAY- test Friday
Spelling- Study list 6- test Thursday
Math - 6-4, study math facts (sums of 11)Test Wednesday

12/12  Tuesday Music
Reading- read decodable reader 6C (high frequency word sentences due tomorrow)
Spelling- 2x each list 6
Math- worksheet, study math facts (sums of 11), test tomorrow

12/13  Wednesday Art
Reading- High Frequency word test tomorrow
Spelling- study list 6 test tomorrow
Math- 6-5

12/14 Thursday Computers
Reading- complete worksheet
Math- 6-6, test next week topic 6 (Tuesday)
Gym tomorrow don't forget to wear your sneakers.

12/15 Friday Gym
No Homework
Have a Terrific Weekend!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Week of December 4-8, 2017


12/4  Monday  Day 4 Library

Reading- read decodable reader 6A
Spelling- study list 6
Math- 6-1, study new math facts

***Tomorrow is our day for Holiday Gift Shopping, don't forget your money to shop.***

12/5 Tuesday Day 5 Music 

Reading- Read pages 194-197, study high frequency words for Tara and Tiree
Spelling- worksheet pg. 63
Math- 6-2

12/6  Wednesday Day 6 Art

Reading- read pages 198-202
Spelling- study list 6
Math -6-3

12/7  Thursday Day 7 Computers

Reading- study high frequency words
Math- complete worksheet

**Scholastic book club order is due tomorrow.**

Gym tomorrow Please Remember To Wear Your Sneakers.

12/8  Friday  8 Gym
No Homework
Have a super weekend!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Week of November 28-December 1, 2017


Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time off.
This week we will be reviewing reading comprehension skills and phonics skills that we have  learned from our first unit stories.

11-28-17  Tuesday  Day 10 Music
Reading- complete worksheet
Math- study Math Facts

11-29-17  Wednesday  Day 1 Art
Reading- read decodable reader
Math- complete worksheet

11-30-17  Thursday  Day 2 Computers

Reading- complete worksheet
Grammar- test tomorrow on sentences (exclamatory and commands)
Math-complete worksheet
Gym tomorrow: Don't forget to wear your sneakers.

12-1-17  Friday Day 3 Gym
No Homework
Have an enjoyable weekend!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week of November 20-22, 2017


11-20     Monday  Day 8  Gym
Reading- High Frequency word test Wednesday
Math- Topic 5 test tomorrow, complete Practice Test
Social Studies- Test on Maps tomorrow- use study guide that was given last week

11-21    Tuesday  Day 9 Keyboarding
Reading- Study high frequency words for The Strongest One, test tomorrow

11-22    Wednesday
Early Dismissal 12:00
No homework

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Week of November 13-17, 2107


11/13   Monday Day 3  Gym
Reading- read decodable reader 5-A, study words for The Strongest One
Spelling-study list 5
Math- complete worksheet

11/14  Tuesday Day 4  Library
Reading- read pages 158-162
Spelling-complete worksheet pg.53
Math- 5-6 worksheet

11/15    Wednesday Day 5  Music
Reading- read pages  163- 167 in reading book
Spelling-study list 5 words
Math- 5-7 worksheet

11/16    Thursday  Day 6  Art
Reading- read pages 168-173 in reading book
Spelling - 2x each test tomorrow
Math- complete worksheet (test topic 5 next Tuesday)

**Donate to dress down tomorrow: We are collecting items for veterans and active military, please donate a suggested item from the note that was sent home last week. 

**If you have any family member or loved one currently serving in the active military please send in their name and address so that we send a care package to them.

11/17  Friday  Day 7  Computers

Have a super weekend!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week of November 6-10, 2017


11-6  Monday   Day 8 Gym
Reading- read decodable reader and return to school, study high frequency words, test Wed.
Spelling- study list 4, test Wednesday
Math- 5-3 worksheet, Continue to study math addition facts nightly

11-7  Tuesday  Day 9 Keyboarding
Reading- study high frequency words, test tomorrow
Spelling- test list 3 tomorrow, write words 2x each
Math- 5-4 worksheet, study addition facts

11-8  Wednesday  Day 10 Music
Math- complete worksheet, study addition facts
Grammar- complete worksheet on sentences, test Friday

11-9  Thursday  Day 1 Art
Reading- study new words for The Strongest One
Spelling- Study list 5 words
Math- 5-5 worksheet, study addition facts

11-10  Friday  Day 2 Computers
No Homework.
Have a terrific weekend!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week of October 30- November 3, 2017


10/30  Monday Day 3   Gym

Reading- practice new words for A Walk in the Desert
Spelling- study list 4 words
Math- study math facts
*Tomorrow Wear Red for Red Ribbon week

10/ 31  Tuesday Day 4  Library
No Homework

11/1  Wednesday Day 5  Music
Reading- read pages 122-127 in reading book (you may help your child read the pages)
Spelling- study list 4 words
Math- 5-1

11/2  Thursday  Day 6   Art
Reading- read pages  128-135 in reading book (you may help your child read the pages)
Spelling- study list 4 words
Math- 5-2

11/3  Friday  Day 7 Gym

No Homework
Enjoy your weekend!!